Special Announcements

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

  • The Columbia Climate School is organizing its third conference on Managed Retreat from 20-23 June 2023, the theme for which is Habitability and Mobility in an Era of Climate Change. The deadline for the call for sessions is 2 December, and the deadline for the call for paper is 20 January.  For more information visit https://adaptation.ei.columbia.edu/managed-retreat-2023.
  • Frontiers Forum Planetary Boundaries session with Prof Johan Rockström’s keynote and the discussion with Prof Peng Gong, Prof Felix Dapare Dakora, and Prof Phoebe Koundouri recording is now available here.

Here are the links shared during the session:
•    More on the planetary boundaries framework
•    Netflix documentary Breaking boundaries: The science of our planet with Johan and Sir David Attenborough
•    Books by Johan on the planetary boundaries and how to live within the limits of our planet
•    Frontiers in Environmental Economics, focused on research that supports the transition to a sustainable interaction between the economy, society and nature and led by Prof Phoebe Koundouri

The next Forum session takes place November 29 at 11:30-12:45 CET. Climate and coral expert Prof Ove Hoegh-Guldberg will give an update on coral health in his keynote, then discuss how reefs can survive the climate crisis with globally renowned marine scientists.